Dialogue Prompt – Die Again

How do you see yourself dying?

What a question to ask. And yet, we hear it from time to time in a variety of situations. And the answers can be quite varied anything from wanting to die quietly in bed of old age to wanting to go out in a blaze of glory.

That’s not quite what’s going on here though.

I don’t actually know what is happening with this prompt from Rooftop Writing Prompts and I still love it. You don’t generally have characters who are wondering how they would die, again. We are given no information about what happened the first time or if there has only been one death for this character. All we know for sure is that this character believes they are about to die and this isn’t the first time this has happened. Given the wording, it is also possible that the first time they died might have been similar to the current situation, though it also could just mean this is a ridiculous way to die.

When I look at this what I see is a fantasy setting or maybe a person playing a video game of some sort. Those two scenarios would definitely play out differently.

If this was a fantasy setting then we are probably looking at a person who either has the ability to resurrect or had someone go through a lot of trouble to bring them back to life. We don’t know how long ago it was or what happened, but the comment appears to be a matter of fact thing. Based off this, I assume that the person he or she is talking to already knows about them dying before, but you never know. It could be a shock for them in a moment that definitely doesn’t need more shocks.

Now, if it’s a game that makes a lot of difference. The comment might even be outside the game talking about their most recent death. For some reason an attacking chicken comes to mind, maybe because that is a really silly way to go in a video game.

What do you think? Fantasy world or video game? And do you think this death is going to stick, especially if it’s a fantasy world, but in a game either, this time?

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