Dialogue Prompt – Worst Bodyguard Ever

This dialogue prompt from An Introvert’s Pen, the redesign of Rooftop Writing Prompts, is an interesting look at a bodyguard and the person they are charged with watching. Since the website for An Introvert’s Pen doesn’t seem to work, I... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Oddly Specific

If the character in this prompt by Rooftop Writing Prompts wanted to come off as emotionally detached I think they are doing a great, but bizarre job. As the first speaker said, it’s “oddly specific” description of what they do... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Dagger in Purse

The first thing that catches my attention about this dialogue prompt from Rooftop Writing Prompts is the contrast between a dagger and a purse. Obviously there is also the difference between a knife and a dagger as well, but the... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Die Again

How do you see yourself dying? What a question to ask. And yet, we hear it from time to time in a variety of situations. And the answers can be quite varied anything from wanting to die quietly in bed... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Not Normal Again

Imagine finding out that your new friend was an assassin after two days and not only not being impressed or scared, but frustrated, because this sort of thing keeps happening. In today’s prompt of the day from Rooftop Writing Prompts,... Read more