Dialogue Prompt – Worst Bodyguard Ever

This dialogue prompt from An Introvert’s Pen, the redesign of Rooftop Writing Prompts, is an interesting look at a bodyguard and the person they are charged with watching. Since the website for An Introvert’s Pen doesn’t seem to work, I am leaving a link to the old site which does still work. I like the new look, so it’s a pity they stopped using it.

Based off the wording of the prompt, I would guess that these two are close. I don’t know much about how a bodyguard’s relationship with their client works, but I would think talking back is a good way to get fired. Since that doesn’t seem to be what’s going to happen here, that makes me think they have built a good relationship.

The bodyguard says they are there to protect their client from abuse. Does this just mean dangerous situations or is it more specific, such as protecting them from an abusing relationship they already ended that has turned into them having a stalker, or preventing them from being taken advantage of in a financial deal, though the latter seems outside the job description of a bodyguard.

I have this image of the client hitting on someone in a bar and getting slapped for unwanted advances. Then, the client turns to the bodyguard wanting them to do something to the person who slapped them and the bodyguard definitely is not okay with that. That’s not what they are there for and it definitely isn’t going to kill their client to get slapped.

Another possibility I see is that the client decided to try some new activity that is physically taxing, not dangerous, but failing can get you bumps and bruises, like maybe ice skating or something. They bumped into someone, causing them both to fall down or maybe only the client, but it was definitely the client’s fault. The bodyguard has already determined that their client is safe and potentially even offered them a hand up, but they aren’t going to go after the person they bumped into when it’s so clearly their client’s fault.

There’s probably plenty of potential scenarios this could be, but those are the two that seem most likely to hold potential to me. What kind of scenario do you see being responsible for this conversation? And do you think I’m right about them being close?

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