Dialogue Prompt – You Should Be Dead

Some people just have bad aim. The people trying to kill the second character in this prompt seem to be among those. Most likely they did try multiple ways to kill them, but clearly none of them worked and you... Read more

Writing Prompt – Best Friends Online

This prompt is a fun one. It’s a lot more lighthearted than some of the others I have put up here. Imagine two people who absolutely can’t stand each other. Maybe they have known each other for a short time,... Read more

Writing Prompt – Into the Arms of the Enemy

This prompt was based off the general idea of a story I read. I tried to make it more generic so that anyone using this prompt will make their own story and not just a copy of the one I... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Going Back

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” Or so Dorothy Gale told us in The Wizard of Oz. This conversation isn’t necessarily about being able to go back home. It is instead... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – More Important Things

I don’t remember what inspired this prompt, but I think it tells an interesting story. It’s all about where your priorities lie. We don’t know much about these two just from the dialogue, but we do know that they have... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Worst Bodyguard Ever

This dialogue prompt from An Introvert’s Pen, the redesign of Rooftop Writing Prompts, is an interesting look at a bodyguard and the person they are charged with watching. Since the website for An Introvert’s Pen doesn’t seem to work, I... Read more

Writing Prompt – Country to the North

It is always preferable to be at peace with your neighbors at least for most people. In this prompt I consider the idea of a broken relationship between two neighboring countries formerly at peace. There are many countries all over... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – More Than You

In this prompt from The Jittery Junebug, there isn’t a lot to go on, but that is part of what makes it fun. There are so many ways you can go with it. This is the first prompt I have... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – How They Survived

As a kid growing up in the beautiful state of California, I naturally learned California history in school. One of the most memorable stories I learned was the story of the Donner Party. It’s hard to say what of the... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Dagger in Purse

The first thing that catches my attention about this dialogue prompt from Rooftop Writing Prompts is the contrast between a dagger and a purse. Obviously there is also the difference between a knife and a dagger as well, but the... Read more