Writing Prompts – Night Full of Surprises

In this prompt there are two people who may or may not get along, but definitely aren’t trusting. It definitely takes place in a modern or post modern world since they are around a helicopter. The helicopter is interesting, because it clearly places this in a specific time frame. Most of the prompts that I see that place the prompt in a specific time frame are much less modern.

We do not know the gender of the point-of-view character, but we do know a little bit about this person. And when I say little, I mean it, because I can only pull two pieces of information from this. The first is that the point-of-view character can read lips which is interesting. The mention of barely being able to hear him does indicate at least some ability to hear, so why is this character able to read lips? What prompted the character to learn that skill? It could have been a a job requirement or it could have been boredom or it could have been something silly like wanting to understand what was being said on all those muted TVs out there at businesses.

The second thing we know about the point-of-view character is that they see the other character as someone they can’t trust. There really isn’t much more to that other than the fact that they are open to the idea that maybe they could be wrong, at least on this day.

The other character is male.

That is the only concrete thing we know about him unless you count the fact that the first character doesn’t trust him. We don’t know if the lack of trust is justified, though it does indicate a longer history than the two of them just meeting that day. We don’t know in what way he had let the other character down. Is it a constant inability to keep his word? Did he harm someone? Maybe he did something that looks bad, but actually isn’t such as pretending to kill someone when actually saving their life and hiding them.

That leaves one last thing. Can he be trusted this time?

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