Dialogue Prompt – More Important Things

I don’t remember what inspired this prompt, but I think it tells an interesting story. It’s all about where your priorities lie. We don’t know much about these two just from the dialogue, but we do know that they have different priorities and most likely one has been tested on that more than the other.

From the dialogue alone, we do not know what happened or what put the second speaker in danger, only that something did and it involved someone who was able to give directions, most likely another person, but could have been an animal, a robot, or something else entirely that makes sense within the bounds of your story.

Sometimes we are put in hard situations where we must choose between one of two or more difficult things. What do you think could have pushed this character into a situation to choose and why doesn’t the other character think they made the right decision? What was the threat if they didn’t choose the way those telling them how to choose wanted? Were their consequences and was it worth it to them if there were?

Maybe in the future they will second guess this decision. Maybe they won’t. It is very much dependent on the character, their wants, their desires, who and what they treasure.

Of course, it’s always possible that there was nothing dangerous about this situation at all. Rather than physical danger, maybe the issue was a social pressure, something that others thought they should do with or without reason. Would that change anything in how the character came to their decision if it was? Would they treat physical danger more or less cautiously?

If you were to use this prompt, what do you think you would have the situation be and what do you think the end result of that situation might be? Would you have the character second guess themself later or would this be a decision that they will stand firm on and always be sure they made the right choice?

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