Writing Prompt – Into the Arms of the Enemy

This prompt was based off the general idea of a story I read. I tried to make it more generic so that anyone using this prompt will make their own story and not just a copy of the one I read.

The story in question is one of many stories out there where the main character reincarnated into a different world, specifically one that they had read or played in the previous life, and realized they were the villain. In this particular one, the character was the villain in a video game she had played. In a lot of these stories the villain or villainess turns out to be misunderstood or just a bad apple in an otherwise good family. That was not the case here. She had an absolutely horrible family life and from time to time you can see her piecing together how the game villainess ended up how she ended up and it’s rather interesting.

For this prompt, however, I decided to go with a more basic version of what was going on. After all, the idea is to be inspired, not to duplicate the story. I would be interested to see more stories with this type of premise, but I don’t want to read the same story with only the names changed to “protect the innocent.” And I have read stories like that. I recognized the story enough that I went and checked and yeah, literally only the names had been changed. It was kind of lame. I do enjoy rereading some stories, a lot of them really, but there are limits and if I am reading what should be a different story, I want to read a different story. You probably have an opinion on this subject as well.

As this is based off a story I read, I don’t want to go into what happened too much, but she got to a crossroads where she realized if she didn’t do something now, she was going to have no choice but to go the route the game had prescribed for her and she ran away. Still a child at the time, there wasn’t a lot she could do, but somehow she managed to stumble into the path of the main character of the video game and from there on everything started changing.

With her knowledge of the game she comes to a realization that some people she really comes to like are going to die soon if nothing is done to stop it, but if she is able to stop it, she will not be able to predict anything else that will happen. The way I wrote the prompt, it could be that she is the villain or she is the protagonist. The enemy is implied to not actually be an enemy, but it could just mean that someone told her they are the enemy and she just doesn’t know or that the dream she has is something unclear.

When it says it was a dream, you can make it an actual dream, some sort of prophetic vision, or even just a general day dream sort of knowing. What would fit into your story? Do you have dreams that comes true in this manner?

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