Writing Prompt – The Graveyard Doesn’t Forget

Graveyards are a place where the dead are laid to rest, but there is more to it than that. Graveyards, unlike cemeteries, are specifically attached to church buildings. Given the mention of a “Holy Inquisition” in this prompt, that point might be relevant.

The prompt says you have kept the graveyard since you were a child. This could mean many things. Maybe as a child the person regularly brought flowers to put on graves. Or maybe the person was the child of the grave keeper and went with his or her parent to dig graves and help with burials.

Whatever the case, this person chose to continue doing this year after year and based off the description seems to have taken it on as either an official or unofficial job and most likely everyone knew it.

Or do they?

It is always possible that this is something the character does this in secret. We don’t know why the “Holy Inquisition” is after the character. Maybe they are after him or her because the character is making sure that all his or her friends got a proper burial.

There was a time in history where certain people were forbidden burial in graveyards. The one I remember reading about is people who killed themselves. The logic appears to be something to do with the fact that murder is wrong and you can’t repent from murdering yourself. Even if that were to be 100% true, and I’m not saying it is, but even if it was, why are you making things worse for the people left behind. They already know their loved one felt so hopeless and unable to ask for help that they did this. Do not make that feeling worse.

Whatever the situation, the last line is interesting. What does this mean? Does the graveyard literally protect the character? Is this the ground swallowing up invaders, vines tripping people, zombies leaving their graves and protecting their beloved friend? I see absolutely no way this isn’t a supernatural type thing, but what kind of supernatural thing? Does the land have supernatural properties? Is a god stepping in to cause things to happen? Are zombies just the status quo? What route would you take this prompt down?

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