Dialogue Prompts – Mommy and Daddy Love You

This is not something any child ever wants to hear their parent say. I’m not sure very many children would even imagine their parent saying this, but other than the we love you, they don’t want to hear it.

In this dialogue prompt by Writing.Prompt.S we have either the mother or father, most likely with the other parent standing right next to them, speaking to what is most likely a young child. I’m not sure what age makes the most sense, but I am thinking the child is probably around five to eight, maybe a little older or younger.

No matter what happens next these parents are basically telling there child, we love you, but we are leaving. Maybe they are leaving because the police force them to leave. Maybe they are leaving because they have to go into hiding or maybe they are leaving because they are going to die.

It is also possible that this is all a lie.

This child could have been kidnapped and the police are bringing the child back to his or her biological family. That doesn’t mean that the child wasn’t loved. Most kidnappings are familial, so the child could have been kidnapped by a noncustodial parent or away from a guardian after the death of his or her parents.

Oddly enough my first inclination is that the parents are superheroes and they are about to have to act like villains to protect something, maybe this child, maybe a lot more than this child. It’s probably a pretty weird take on this idea that has no indication of superpowers, but it is where my mind went first. What do you think is going on and given my previous comments, do you think these are this child’s real parents?

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