Dialogue Prompt – Oddly Specific

If the character in this prompt by Rooftop Writing Prompts wanted to come off as emotionally detached I think they are doing a great, but bizarre job. As the first speaker said, it’s “oddly specific” description of what they do to their feelings.

It almost makes me wonder if we are supposed to take it literally.

Of course, depending on the setting I don’t think the first person is taking it literally, but it’s very descriptive and makes me imagine someone who can detach themselves from the physical world without dying and go somewhere else.

What if this person can remove themselves from the physical world and going into a world that is their soul where they fight off their feelings in a more physical form than most of us do and when they win, throw their feelings off a cliff. And what if those feelings aren’t dead, just trying to get back to the surfaces. What kind of story might we have when they come up for air?

As I wander down the rabbit hole that is a story where a character has a literal cliff in a deep abyss where they take their feelings to off them, I wonder what that is like. Is it dark and seemingly endless? Does it have a visible bottom with jagged rocks at the bottom to “break your fall”? Does anyone else have access to it?

There is even less about the first speaker than the second. The first speaker asks a question that may only be there to be polite and gets a whopper of an answer.

Why the question was asked can change a lot of things. If was indeed a polite conversational question, then the response probably was a bit of an overload, unless of course they are used to this kind of response from this person. If the feelings in question of physical feelings, the second person may have been sick or injured. If they are emotional feelings, which seems more likely, the second person could be experiencing a break-up or a lost loved one.

A rather relevant question we don’t know the answer to is about whether the comment by the second person is a joke, serious, sarcasm, or evasion. Are they just trying to appear unfazed? Or are they really unfazed by whatever is going on?

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