Writing Prompt – Secret Titles

Imagine having the ability to see secret titles over everyone’s head. What would they say? Who would you be? The son/daughter? The sister/brother? The parent? The child? The employee? Maybe the unpublished author? Maybe the published author? The one hit wonder? The child star?

What kind of title would you have?

You’re family loves you, right? But what about the person across the street or downstairs? Do they even know your name? Have you done anything amazing that no one knows about or they just forgot?

So many question can come from this and that’s not even getting into the prompt itself, just the types of titles that might show up and how they might describe people. It seems like an incredible responsibility, this power. What do you do with the information that you learn from it? How do you even begin to process the potential of it all? Is it a blessing or a curse?

To address the specifics of this post from Writing.Prompts.Re the first question that comes to mind, besides who “The Forgotten Hero” actually is, is how common are powers in the first place. I can accept that seeing the titles over peoples heads is probably either uncommon or something that is unique to this character especially since it says that they are the only one who can see them, but do other people have abilities like this? Is having a power at all something unique to this character?

Also, is this a power they have always had, something they got at birth or is it something that they got when something happened? If it’s the latter, what caused it? A certain age, an accident where they came in contact with something? And either way, is this something they have told other people about? If they did, how did those people react?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions that can be asked about this prompt. Do you have any answers for any of them?

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