Writing Prompt – Dead Friend

This prompt is a little different than my other ones in that while it did come out of my head, it is in regard to a story I’m planning to write and not one I have written or just a random thought. I have imagined this scene dozens of times, so I tried to make it as generic as I could for the prompt and still retain the general idea of it. I wanted to make an angst prompt, so here you go, hopefully this is angsty enough to count for that.

In this prompt you have two people. In the story I took this from one character is male and the other female, so I retained that for the prompt. After all, it’s my story, so why not.

As you can probably guess from the comment about magic, it is a fantasy type story. The male character comes from a long line of people with magical powers while the female character comes from a family without any. She got a job at his family’s business shortly before he decided to change lines of work and work there as well, so they have gotten to know each other through that. Of course that’s not reflected in the prompt and you don’t have to include anything of it.

In this scene something has been going on and the one responsible has been making sure to keep him distracted, so when someone asked for help, she chose to try and help them. As I haven’t actually written the story yet, I haven’t decided who needs help or if she succeeds, though certainly I know the why behind their need for help. What I do know is she ends up mortally wounded. She calls for her friend’s help and then loses consciousness. He arrives and it appears that she is dead.

I originally had one plan for this situation and then decided on a different one, but what would you do? Would you make the magic-less friend die before the magical one could arrive or would you give them a chance to survive? If you take this prompt, that’s up to you to decided. If the friend is still alive, can she be saved? Or is she going to die with him at her side?

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