Character Bank – Gossipy Knight

She’s an interesting sort, the knight in this character bank prompt. I think she’d likely be a lot of fun to have in a story if she fit into the world the story was in.

Her appearance is interesting. The contrast of the dark eyes to the fair complexion and semi-fair hair makes for someone who would likely catch people’s eyes. Being a tall, heavy-set woman on top of that is likely to draw even more eyes to her unless that is common where she’s from.

I find it curious that her clothes on duty are described as being an old fashioned business suit. That’s not something I think of at the same time as knight. It makes me think that perhaps her story is closer to modern times than I would at first think.

Of course the inclusion of an energy sword makes me swing right back to fantasy or maybe sci-fi, depending on how you played it. She likes to gossip or at least she does too much of it. I wonder what that means. Did she say something that caused trouble for more than just her? As if to go with her way with words when gossiping, she’s also a good poet, which is a fun trait to have in a character. Of course to write a good poet, you have to have some skill as one yourself, or else you have to make sure that there is a good reason they never use that skill.

The final addition to her appearance is described as a few tattoos. I wonder what kind of tattoos she has? Maybe there is something indicating her fighting unit or an emblem of the country. Due to her loyalty to the country, this seems a plausible place to start. As a poet, maybe there is some sort of writing tool, like a pen, inkwell, or scroll or even a computer if they are modern enough.

She’d make a pretty interesting character and I’d love to see what someone would do with her. What kind of person would you make her?

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