Character Bank – Translucent Man

There are a lot of takes on the idea of an invisible person. In this prompt by got-an-inkling the man in the prompt turns invisible with sunlight. This almost certainly has a massive effect on how he conduct himself.

His ability to turn invisible is probably a pretty marketable skill. He may have used it to get a job. I would imagine the highest bidders for someone with his skills are either law enforcement or criminals. If he went the job route with his skills, I wonder which he might have chosen.

Another option he might have taken is using his skills for vigilante justice. Maybe he has an elite team of allies who help him figure out targets, determine guilt, schedules, routes, or whatever else he might need. They may be deadly, the cause of many a financial death, or just really good at giving people the fear of what’s in the shadows. Maybe their victims have been beset by massive tickle attacks. That last one just my weird imagination? Probably, but it would make for a pretty funny story, maybe a good kids story about morals. Don’t be bad or the tickle man will come for you.

I’m weird. I freely admit that and I’m okay with it. Nothing wrong with being normal, but it’s okay to be different, too.

There are no doubt many other options for this man, but I want to present only one more. Maybe he hates it. Maybe he just wishes it would go away. While in the first three options, he probably spends a lot of time outside during the day when he can turn invisible, in this one he’s probably as nocturnal as possible.

In addition to what he does with his ability, how does it work? Does any light set it off or is it just sunlight? The prompt says light and that does have some logic to it, but it would make it even more difficult for him. Even inside, people would only see him if it’s reasonably dark. Maybe he lives his life with lights off in the room his in, doing activities by the light coming in from other rooms. On that note, does it have to be direct light? Can putting a light over a light bulb prevent it from working on him? Can curtains filter sunlight enough that he doesn’t turn translucent? Or does that just lower how much it affects him?

Lots of interesting options. One last question I feel needs to be asked for someone in this situation. Can he see himself when he’s invisible?

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