Writing Prompt – Daydream World

In this prompt from Writing-Prompt-S we find that the world a child dreamed about was made real somehow. This is a curious idea for a couple reasons.

The first thing is how did this happen? It appears from the prompt that this world was always real, so did the child create this world with his or her imagination or did they dream about a place that was already real.

The second thing has to do with the consistency of their dreams. I don’t know about you, but I rarely have sequels in my dreams. Or at least I don’t remember them. I would imagine if someone always dreamed about the same general place with the same general rules, they would accept this as normal. On the rare occasion that I do this it’s usually a replay of the previous dream not a new one, but I usually take this as notice that I need to start writing. That’s probably just the writer in me. Of course this says that this child did this, too.

As a child, you often daydreamed about a world you invented and you would occasionally write about it. 10 years later, you hear many different voices whispering to you. They are the prayers of the inhabitants of your imaginary world. To them, it has been 1000 years since you abandoned them.

The third thing that comes to mind is the time frame. For ten years the dreams stopped coming. Since it says in the prompt that the child invented the world and sometimes wrote about it, I would guess that the child quit writing and quit worldbuilding. As a result they stopped thinking about it and this lead to them stopping dreaming about it. This seems perfectly reasonable on the surface, except this is a really world in this story, so is this really why it stopped appearing in their dreams.

Finally, connected to the time frame is the time disparity. Ten years past for the protagonist, but one thousand years past for the people in their world. Depending on when the child started dreaming about this world and when they stopped, it is entirely possible that the people of the world only had the child helping them for one hundred or two hundred years.

What do you think will happen next now that this character knows the world they created as a child is real? Will they make the dreams and prayers of the inhabitants come true once more or will they abandon it once and for all?

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