The 20s Are Here!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Not only is it a new year, but it’s a new decade. One hundred years ago the Great War was barely ended and here in the US Prohibition was in full swing. Underground stills were on the rise as was alcohol related crimes, but alcohol consumption itself was going down. The Great Depression was less than a decade away and short flapper skirts were all the rage. It had only been five years since the first coast to coast phone call and the first transcontinental phone call was still seven years away. Personal computers weren’t even a dream in most if not everyone’s minds.

In my personal history only three of my grandparents had been born at the start of the 20s. The third wasn’t quite in the conception stage. It’s hard for me to imagine my grandparents as little kids, but one hundred years ago, that’s what they were, the oldest one not having even hit his seventh birthday when the new decade began. His future wife, all of two-and-a-half, was probably toddling around her family house after her older brother and sister or her parents excited not about a new decade, but the new baby that would be born in eight months time.

So much has changed in one hundred years and here we are back in the 20s, again. Almost no one who was alive then is still with us, so now it’s our turn. What will this decade bring us?

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