Writing Prompt – Ancient Gods Enter the Workforce

I like stories that include the ancient mythological gods, so when I saw this one by Writing.Prompts.S I absolutely had to include it.

Based off the wording, it seems likely that this loss of their powers was a recent event. It’s hard to say if people knew about them before this happened and while the main character and their friend are aware of them after, it’s still hard to tell if the general populous knows about them currently.

I’m going to go with the idea that they are generally known about at least after this agency is opened. At the minimum, I think this agency is well known so as to spread the word, though I suppose it’s possible that the ancient gods just networked and spread the word about it to everyone they knew who would care. Given the time involved, I think they would have a pretty good idea who everyone was and where most of them are.

I also don’t think the people who made this agency are going to be subtle about it. “God Tier Skills, helping the gods of old learn skills since 2020.” That’s kind of the kind of not subtle I am seeing.

It would absolutely be interesting to see how their different personalities make they choose different jobs that interest them and if they will be turning to learning things related to the skills they previously had. Is Artemis going to learn how to shoot a gun? Maybe she is going to become an archery teacher. Does Eros want to teach people how to find love? Maybe Aphrodite is a relationship counselor. Or maybe they want nothing to do with the skills they used as a god or goddess.

Which god or goddess do you think would be the most interesting to include in this story? I want to see Hyponos or Somnus who is some sort of pillow tycoon.

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