Dialogue Prompt – Undo the Curse

Gods, monsters, and curses! Oh my! In this dialogue prompt there is only one speaker. We don’t even know if the one listening can speak. Read more

Writing Prompt – Unicorns Made of Stone

Unicorns are fluffy and pretty and probably pastel. That’s what we learned as little kids, right. In this prompt by Deep Water Prompts we will explore a different side of these mythical creatures. Often associated with woman and more specifically... Read more

Writing Prompt – Loki’s Godchild

My only real exposure to Loki is the MCU, so I’m not exactly well versed. Well, that and Supernatural, but that isn’t exactly known for being even remotely accurate to the mythology. Given all that I am not going to... Read more

Writing Prompt – Ancient Gods Enter the Workforce

I like stories that include the ancient mythological gods, so when I saw this one by Writing.Prompts.S I absolutely had to include it. Based off the wording, it seems likely that this loss of their powers was a recent event.... Read more