Writing Prompt – Unicorns Made of Stone

Unicorns are fluffy and pretty and probably pastel. That’s what we learned as little kids, right. In this prompt by Deep Water Prompts we will explore a different side of these mythical creatures.

Often associated with woman and more specifically with virgin women, unicorns are sometimes considered to be dangerous to everyone else. They are usually considered to actually be living breathing animals, though of course they also usually have the element of magic attached to them.

The source of their power is considered to be their horns which sometimes are used for teleportation and sometimes used for stabbing, depending on what story you are looking at. In this prompt they are used for more stabbing, though nothing says teleportation is unavailable.

The unicorns in this prompt are not flesh and blood, though it seems to be implied that despite this, they are alive. Perhaps they are statues that come alive at night or perhaps they are stone golems that roam around seeking victims.

The wording talks of misfortune and sacrifice. That makes me think that some run into them and are killed for it and others are sent to these unicorns, perhaps to calm them. Of course they might not be alive at all. The screams of the dying might be what is loud and stone is, in general, pretty unforgiving. Misfortune might be met upon when someone runs into a still statue and people could be impaled upon their horns as a sacrifice to whomever or whatever their represent.

What do you think? Are these living breathing animals or are they statues with no life of their own? Is this a world of magic, a world where statues are prevalent stand-ins for the object of people’s worship, or simply a place where there are horses with horns who are no more and no less than that? What happened to the cause the situation mentioned here and is it a common occurrence or simply a one time thing?

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