Writing Prompt – Loki’s Godchild

My only real exposure to Loki is the MCU, so I’m not exactly well versed. Well, that and Supernatural, but that isn’t exactly known for being even remotely accurate to the mythology.

Given all that I am not going to address Loki himself. I know he is a trickster and that’s about it.

What I am going to address in this prompt from Writing.Prompt.S is the idea of someone naming Loki, or really any ancient mythological god as their child’s grandparent and more importantly, this working. I do not know much about godparents, so what I know them is going to be pretty limited and my understanding of them might well be faulty.

It is my understanding that godparents have different potential functions depending on a lot of factors, but in general they are supposed to be involved in the child’s life and if something happens to the parents before they child comes of age, they are supposed to be responsible for raising them or at least seeing that they are raised in a good environment. I’ve also got an impression that they probably get your presents on special occasions, though that’s obviously something anyone can do.

So what does this mean for this child with Loki as a godfather? I’m guessing the parents didn’t instantly die and leave Loki to raise their child, though I supposed that is a route the story could go. Instead I am thinking that Loki decided to get involved in the child’s life. Does that mean he went up to the parents and told them he was Loki and he was their child’s godfather, so nice to meet you? Maybe. He is a trickster, so he might have chosen that route. Or maybe he chose to befriend the parents without letting them know he was their child’s godparent and then go about the role of doting on the child. Which route do you think he took?

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