Dialogue Prompt – Undo the Curse

Gods, monsters, and curses! Oh my!

In this dialogue prompt there is only one speaker. We don’t even know if the one listening can speak.

The first thing I notice about this bit of dialogue is the implication that someone would want to kill the listener, followed immediately by the presumption that the speaker could kill the listener. We don’t know for sure if this is true, but it seems likely that the speaker either looks strong or is equipped with some sort of weapon.

The next point of relevance is that the speaker calls the listener “monster.” I don’t know if this is because the listener has no name, the speaker doesn’t know the listener’s name, or if the speaker simply doesn’t care.

I am assuming that the “gods” mentioned by the speaker are real, but they don’t have to be. I think you most likely do have to assume the curse is real, but there are other ways you could handle that if you use this quote.

Whatever the situation, it sounds like the listener has been through a lot and it sounds like the speaker is there to help, but is that the truth?

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