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I found this character from the character bank quite interesting, because he’s like a vampire, but not. With a very large Angel exception, I really am not much a fan of vampires, well, Angel and a few of the other vampires from that universe. As such there is little in-depth research I have done into the topic.

However, I do find the concept of dependency on others in this way in order to live to be quite interesting. My major problem with it is the blood aspect, which is probably why this is perfect.

I have something within my story universe that is modeled after vampires, but isn’t actually vampires. I still was uncomfortable with the blood aspect, but truly, this is perfect. I don’t know if teenage angst is the answer to my problem, but it hadn’t occurred to me to look for another nutrient in this way, something that could be fed off of others and still have the potential to harm them, but not involve biting.

I realize, of course, that vampires were not meant to be glamorous things and I don’t want this to be glamorous. I do call them the cursed after all. However, I wanted something that I was okay with writing and I think this will help me figure out what that is. Also, I like the physical description of the character as if he is he is quite under nourished, because despite an abundance of his food out there, he is unable to access enough of it. What are your thoughts here? Would you find this type of character interesting or worth putting into a story?

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