Whump Prompt – Broken Legs

Sometimes things don’t go our way. Nothing says that more than the bad consequences that follow bad decisions and bad events. If your characters have everything going there way, it’s easy to wonder why. Hopefully it’s because you have a plan that will catch the attention of your readers.

For my own characters, it seems that I let them go through a lot of painful things to pull them out stronger on the other end. This prompt is based on the back story for one of my characters. When I was trying to come up with whump prompts, her story, which is definitely an angsty situation as well, came to mind. I wish only the best for her in the future, but everything is not always going to be perfect and she comes from a hard place.

This prompt does have a lot of specific details about the character it is based off. There are two dead friends killed by a male enemy of some sort and one live friend that she is trying to protect and somehow not fighting getting her legs broken will protect that friend. In the story, their abductor basically was trying to make her seem like she was getting favoritism even though he was hurting her, too. As I said, it really could have gone either way for a whump or angst prompt, but due to the broken legs I went with whump.

If you chose to use this prompt you could use the details in there or just try to craft something with a similar vibe to it. It is entirely up to you. What kind of genre do you think this fits best into? Mystery? Horror? I believe the one it was in for me is considered magical realism. Have fun with it. Or don’t. It’s kind of scary.

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