Writing Prompt – Not the End

Wondering what comes after life or if something comes after life is not something new. There are many different beliefs on that and what you believe on the afterlife can affect what you do in the here and now.

I enjoy stories in the fantasy genre and nothing says fantasy more than things that start with the prefix super-, supernatural, superpowers, superheroes, supervillains. The list goes on. Of course all of those things just mean that what they are is far above normal and not obtainable by natural means. It doesn’t actually mean those things aren’t possible.

I don’t think there was a specific inspiration for this prompt. I just thought the idea of the dead not staying dead would make for an interesting story.

What would you do if your best friend died and then after time passed, days, weeks, months, years, even decades, they showed back up? It doesn’t say what shape the best friend was in either. Maybe the best friend is a zombie. Maybe they are perfectly fine. Maybe they have been taken over by aliens. There are a lot of possibilities. Where do you see this story going?

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