Writing Prompt – Unaging Love

As with some of my prompts this one was inspired by an aspect of something I watched. There is a lot more to the story than just what I made into the prompt and I tried to make it as... Read more

Writing Prompt – Sanity

This prompt is based off a group of friends in one of my stories who had a hard choice to make when they were younger that still had repercussions in the present day. In the story there is an item... Read more

Writing Prompt – Ten Years Away

Time is a funny thing. It’s one thing that is impossible to get back once it’s gone. It doesn’t get longer or shorter no matter what you do or who you are. And although it’s the same for everyone, no... Read more

Character Bank – Younger Sibling

This prompt is another one that is based off of something that I have already written. I list it as a character prompt, because my focus is on the siblings and their reactions more than on the actual magic world... Read more

Writing Prompt – Foolish

God is real. I know this. God is not real. You know this. We cannot both be right if that is the case. Whether in our real world or a fictional one of science fiction or fantasy there will be... Read more

Writing Prompt – Sympathy

This prompt is based off a scenario I imagined based off something I read. The scenario may or may not be happening in what I read. In fact my initial reaction is the opposite, that the guy is just a... Read more

Writing Prompt – Still Teens

This prompt is connected to another prompt I posted a few days ago about a character who was a guardian angel of sorts. It gives you a little more info on that character, but you don’t have to use the... Read more

Writing Prompt – Into the Arms of the Enemy

This prompt was based off the general idea of a story I read. I tried to make it more generic so that anyone using this prompt will make their own story and not just a copy of the one I... Read more

Writing Prompt – Small Village Carnage

I don’t recall a specific inspiration for this prompt, but I do know something that comes to mind when I think of it. It’s a series be D. Dalton called All Things Impossible. As far as I know this does... Read more

Writing Prompt – Guardian Angel

There are various stories out there where someone dies and becomes like a guardian angel or actually becomes a guardian angel. The first one that comes to mind for me is always Touched by an Angel, which is not what... Read more