Writing Prompt – Guardian Angel

There are various stories out there where someone dies and becomes like a guardian angel or actually becomes a guardian angel. The first one that comes to mind for me is always Touched by an Angel, which is not what inspired this prompt, but it’s still somehow the first thing I think of whenever I see it.

This prompt is actually based off the life of one of my characters. She’s not actually a guardian angel, but she plays a similar roll, so I thought it would work best for the prompt especially since the prompt is meant to be a jumping off point and not to make characters identical to the one I made.

Telling her story her would take a lot of space, but she died right after high school, shortly before her eighteenth birthday. She was third of four and close to all of her siblings, the youngest of which was her only brother. For nearly two decades it was a simple enough thing to avoid her family as she was directed, but a run in with a monster caused some problems, including being body swapped, that required her to stay in one place and that one place was her home town.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, the situation got worse when her powers and that of those around her were made inaccessible, making her stuck in her home town and someone who looked like her was running around, not being careful who saw them and her brother did.

All this happened before the story I introduced her in happened, so it’s all part of her backstory and while it gets a little more time than I am giving it here, not a lot and most of what it above gets revealed because it connects to what the main characters are going through at the time.

As with all my characters I love this character, but I try to make sure that when she is in the story it is because it makes sense and I’m also writing a side story with her about the results of “her” getting caught by her brother so that I can have fun going deeper into that story.

Given this prompt what kind of character and story do you think you would make of it? Would keep the situation where she is dead and became something like a guardian angel? Or would you allow her to be alive and not allowed to see her family for some other reason? Is there a reason she wouldn’t be allowed to see them or would it be something that falls apart under scrutiny?

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