Character Bank – Younger Sibling

This prompt is another one that is based off of something that I have already written. I list it as a character prompt, because my focus is on the siblings and their reactions more than on the actual magic world the youngest, or at least younger, finds.

In the case of my own characters this is based off of the older two are both men and the youngest is a woman. This is a siblings dynamic I have used more than once, both times I can think of with magical worlds involved. In both cases, they were fanfics of other people’s work, one much more developed than the other. As with all my original characters, I adore them and am more than a little biased about them. I know them well and I am always glad to have them in my stories.

If you choose to use this prompt, what you do with this idea is up to you, but I’d like to give you a little of an idea what I have done with the characters it is based off of.

The first set of siblings and the ones this is directly based off have no magical powers of their own, well not real magic anyway. Their introduction to magic is when the youngest finds out about it when she is saved from a potentially deadly accident using magic.

The oldest is a magician, so they’ve all grown up around that kind of magic. He is not super famous, but has enough of a following to make a living at it and he often ropes his brother and sister into his shows.

The middle sibling is the most sensible or at least has the most traditional occupation. He works as an accountant and gets himself roped into the magical world of the story world shortly after his sister does. He is not too pleased about this, because he sees the danger inherent in it and wants to keep his sister away from that danger.

The youngest is the sister. After helping her parents care for an ailing grandparent for years, she gets her first paying job about a year after graduating high school. It is there that she introduced to the magical world entirely by accident.

With the other set of siblings, they are magical. It has always been a part of their lives and so they don’t actually fit the prompt, but the sibling dynamic is similar.

The oldest is the one with the sensible, though certainly not traditional, job. He works with magic in his job, but more in a policing sort of way, keeping an eye out for abuses of magical powers that cause dangerous situations.

The middle sibling is the dreamer. He adores everything magic and loves to involve himself in the magical world as much as possible. He is also the first to start a family and by the time his brother, a year older, is married, his oldest is already eight or nine.

For the youngest, she has always been pulled about by the whims of her family. Her brothers want to protect her, especially given that she is a decade younger than them. Her mom wants to dress her up in a million frills. She just wants to run barefoot and climb trees. Magic is probably the least involved in her life, simply because she doesn’t worry too much about it one way or the other. It’s there, she uses it when needed and doesn’t when it’s a bother.

So those are the two siblings sets I have with this kind of dynamic. If you were to create a sibling set with this dynamic, you could do something similar or completely different. It’s totally up to you. You don’t have to have three siblings. They don’t have to have a two to one boy to girl ratio. That’s just what mine happened to have. The sibling at the forefront doesn’t have to be the youngest either. There could be younger siblings who have a different sibling dynamic with the ones involved in this. Have some fun with it. What would you do with this kind of sibling relationship?

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