Writing Prompt – Unaging Love

As with some of my prompts this one was inspired by an aspect of something I watched. There is a lot more to the story than just what I made into the prompt and I tried to make it as generic as possible, because it is the idea I find interesting and I’m not interested in replicating the story, merely in the idea of a different take on a similar idea.

You may have noticed that I like fantasy. Part of that is because it is a departure from reality and something that can take us away from our problems, at least for a little while. Part of that is because there are things that are not possible in reality that can happen in fantasies and that idea is very interesting to me.

What drew me to the story this prompt is based on was not the potential romance between these two characters, especially given that I’m still not even sure what I think of it given what I know about their past. Instead it was the rest of the relationship between these two characters, an unaging warrior who has no confidence in himself and the daughter of his best friend whom he was tricked into killing who has no one herself, but still manages to help him find himself, again.

So in the story this is based on, the female main character lost her mom a while back and never knew her father who died, as far as I can tell centuries before she was born. I’m not sure how that works, but obviously both of her parents and the male main character are from centuries ago.

The male main character and his best friend were as close as brothers, both raised by his grandmother, but due to everything that happened at the time he killed his best friend, he didn’t meet the female character until she was an adult, so there is no memories of her as a child or anything like that. At least they avoid that creepiness.

Do you find this concept as interesting as I do? If so, do you see it as interesting good or interesting bad? I think there are a lot of ways this could go and depending on what you do with it, it could be anything from comedic to tragic or anything in between. How do you see this going? And will it end with them together or apart?

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