Writing Prompt – Sympathy

This prompt is based off a scenario I imagined based off something I read. The scenario may or may not be happening in what I read. In fact my initial reaction is the opposite, that the guy is just a jerk, but I’m not sure, so who knows. Ultimately it doesn’t matter here, since it’s only the inspiration

Beyond what I already mentioned, what was going through my head when I came up with this post was the idea that of looking beyond the surface for people’s motives. Sure, some people are exactly what they look like, but more often than not, they are not.

When I was in college I went on a trip with my classmates to an amusement park. Shortly after we entered the park some key chains for sale caught my attention. I bought a couple of them, but there was one that stuck out to me more than the others. That one said, “I only look sweet and innocent.” I would say in general that for better or worse I am more innocent than a lot of my peers. Sometimes this is to my detriment. Sometimes it helps me out.

Regardless, it caught my attention for a different reason and that reason was the word sweet. I don’t know how much I have heard it recently, but over the years a lot of people have told me how sweet I am. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

Honestly after looking it up it looks like an ideal I have yet to reach. When I was younger I thought it was synonymous with naive. I try to be polite, hold my temper, help people out where I can. I try to be nice. I am affectionate toward people close to me, mostly family. I want to be sweet. Am I? I don’t know. People say I am.

The character in this prompt could be sweet on the inside. It’s certainly something that might aid in leading someone to want to protect someone they hurt, but so are so many other things. And on the outside, they definitely are not sweet.

If you knew that you accidentally hurt someone and that everyone associated that person with you and now the person you hurt could be hurt even worse because of that association, what would you do? What if that decision had the potential to put your own life at risk? What happens then?

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