Writing Prompt – Ten Years Away

Time is a funny thing. It’s one thing that is impossible to get back once it’s gone. It doesn’t get longer or shorter no matter what you do or who you are. And although it’s the same for everyone, no one seems to experience it the same. Time flies. Days drag on. It’s an interesting thing.

Ten years can pass by so quickly that it’s almost as if you blinked and don’t know where the time went. I sometimes find myself wonder how on earth my siblings are all grown up and weirder still their kids are growing up pretty fast, too. Pretty soon I’ll be watching my niece graduated high school, not that she’s even started yet, but it’s really not that far off when you think about it. Next month it’ll have been ten year since I lost my grandma.

On the other hand, there are times when time just seems to go on forever. It’s easy at five-years-old to have no concept of how much time ten years is, because you have never experienced that passage of time. It’s twice your entire life.

There isn’t really much to this prompt. It’s just the idea of a deliberate choice to leave something behind followed much later by a second deliberate choice to return to it. What makes a person make that type of choice and what makes them reverse it? It doesn’t take long to form a habit, but being away from something for a decade is an awfully big habit to break. What makes someone do that?

It’s a pretty simple prompt with so much potential. What kinds of things can you see being at the two ends of this decade long avoidance of home? And is it really still home after all that time?

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