Writing Prompt – Still Teens

This prompt is connected to another prompt I posted a few days ago about a character who was a guardian angel of sorts. It gives you a little more info on that character, but you don’t have to use the two of them together. As I mentioned in that prompt the character died before her eighteenth birthday, so physically and mentally a teen.

This prompt adds in another character who is still a teen for related reasons, but not the same. In his case he inherited a job that came with powers and those powers cause him to stop aging. He can manipulate his appearance, so he can make himself look older, but it’s easier to not do this, so he usually looks much younger than he actually is.

Although she is older by nearly two decades, her growth stunted as a teen. You can take this to mean physically and mentally or just one or the other. Either way as a result of his inherited job, he has become her boss. It’s been two decades since they first met and though technically their relationship has not changed, that’s a lot of time to form a sort of bond.

Obviously the bond I am implying with the image is that they have fallen in love, but that’s not part of the prompt, so they don’t even have to be close at all. They could be enemies or since the prompt doesn’t mentioned that he’s her boss like in my story, they could be almost completely strangers, maybe meeting for the second time and realizing that neither of them has aged since they last met. Or they could be enemies who have been trying to end one another since they first met. There are plenty of ways that can be taken.

Another thing that could be changed it that they generally have the same sort of powers. Maybe he’s an immortal who has always had his is powers and was never going to look older than a teen. Maybe she’s a ghost who is trying to figure out how to move on to the next life or to the afterlife. Maybe they are both something that is entirely unique to your story world. It’s entirely up to you. What do you see as being behind their lack of aging? And what kind of relationship do you see them having? Or do they have one at all?

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