Character Bank – Assassin’s Daughter

This prompt is based off of a character who was underdeveloped in a fandom I am in and I decided to be one of the many people who did my own take on her. There was a lot of potential with this character, which is generally true of most characters in any story who are only in one episode no matter what show it is. You think they could be done better, which may or may not be true, but there is definitely more to their lives than what you saw on the screen.

For this particular character, she was an assassin. Or at least she was raised as one and has the skills of one.

Time travel is involved so we get to see her as both an adult and as a child. The adult version of her comes from a timeline that she is working with one of the main characters of that season to change. I won’t go into why they are trying to change it, but it will be changed. If nothing else their presence assures that to some degree.

My focus for this prompt is the part of her we saw for only a few moments and that is the child version of her, the one who will be living in the new timeline. We don’t know what happened to her in the original timeline, but from what little we see of the young version of her, she appears to be raised by a single mother. This is not necessarily true. She could have a father who is just not around at the time and I don’t recall if she said anything that absolutely made it impossible that she was being raised in a two parent family, but it did appear to be the case.

Definitely her mother is part of a line of assassins.

I like to think that the events of the episode convinced her mom to get her out of that lifestyle and that she was able to grow up with a relatively normal childhood, but I somehow don’t think that’s completely possible if you are growing up to be an assassin. With that in mind, I decided her mom would still teach her the skills she needed, but teach her different ways to use them.

My stories take place in the new future, so when I introduced her to my series she is now an adult. She is not entirely different from her former self. And like her future self she is seemingly working to make a better future for the world, just not on quite as big of a scale as her previous version self was trying to do. In the story I included her in, the first one anyway, she is working to protect people who are being sought after by members of the assassin community her mother used to be part of. Doing this she had met a wealthy young man who worked as a philanthropist.

With a character raised the way she was and with her current goals, what do you think happens next? Does she save him? Is that the end of it? Or is there more?

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