Character Bank – Assassin’s Daughter

This prompt is based off of a character who was underdeveloped in a fandom I am in and I decided to be one of the many people who did my own take on her. There was a lot of potential... Read more

Writing Prompt – 21st Century Coma Dream

This prompt from Writing.Prompt.S would create quite the crazy dream. It could be torturous for the person involved. I mean can you imagine living in the 18th century, the 1700s with 21st century knowledge? I do not pretend to be... Read more

Writing Prompt – First Date and an Old Son

Talk about an awkward situation. Even if two people really liked each other, this would be really tough to take in on a first date, but can you imagine it being a first date with someone you met in person... Read more

Writing Prompt – Worst People In History

I think this is the first prompt I have had from Vision in Blue and it poses one of the classic time travel dilemmas. If you could go back in time and kill (insert horrible person who did horrible thing... Read more

Writing Prompt – Your Parents’ Killer

Time travel is a complicated concept to include in a story. There are so many theories out there on how it would work, obviously none of them proven in any capacity, that we know of anyway. I would guess that... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – 1754 Has No Cell Service

This early dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead cracks me up. I love how the one person just refuses to listen to any argument that the other one has. I do have a bit of a soft spot for time... Read more