Dialogue Prompt – 1754 Has No Cell Service

This early dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead cracks me up. I love how the one person just refuses to listen to any argument that the other one has.

I do have a bit of a soft spot for time travel stories and this one definitely sounds like it would be fun. It also has me wondering a lot of things about it. Probably the most relevant being, did the fact that one of the characters was stuck in 1754 affect the timeline in any significant way or was it just an obstacle that he or she had to overcome?

Of course there is also the question of where they were when they were stuck in 1754. Sure I could default to my home country of the USA, but there really is nothing here that would suggest that they actually were in the USA either in the past or present. As such, they could have been anywhere and they could be from anywhere. Was their a significant historical event occurring wherever they were stuck? The most significant event I can find that year was the start of the French and Indian War, so it could be related to that in some way.

Another thing I am wondering is what was the inauguration for? I’m assuming that some sort of election was held and the character was sworn into office, but what office and for whom. Where are they involved and is it political or something else, or at least something on a less grand scale such as a class election?

I do not have unwavering faith in someone’s ability to use their cell phone as this person does. I don’t even have unwavering faith in my own ability to use my cell phone seeing as I frequently forget to charge it and it does, so that seems silly to me to have faith in other people’s ability. Still I enjoy reading how little this person cared in the logic of the situation. “You should have called.” And that’s that. What do you think of these two characters?

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