Writing Prompt – First Date and an Old Son

Talk about an awkward situation. Even if two people really liked each other, this would be really tough to take in on a first date, but can you imagine it being a first date with someone you met in person for the first time that day. Now if they had been communicating for a while before that it might make it a little less, but still probably tough to handle.

In this prompt we have two people who are on their first date. They met through a dating website and although we don’t actually know how long they have known each other, we do know this is their first date. They have gotten through the majority of the date from the sound of it and are presumably enjoying themselves in the cafe they chose to meet at. It being a cafe implies that they are probably outside and likely easily visible to anyone passing by.

The date is almost over and someone stops by their table, but it’s not their waiter. Instead it’s an older man. He’s got a bushy beard, probably white or gray in color, and he uses a walking cane to get around. We don’t know anything else about him until he opens his mouth and speaks, but the words he speaks make absolutely no sense.

He calls the two of them Mother and Father. Surely he is mistaken. Maybe they look around to see if maybe he is talking to someone else, but there is no one there old enough to actually be his parents. Or maybe there is and at first they think he just stopped because he was surprised to see them, but he makes it clear those are not the people he is talking to.

He’s talking to two people young enough to be his children, maybe even his grandchildren. It makes absolutely no sense. None of this does, but that is the situation they find themselves in.

Does he really think they are his parents? Is he confused or is he absolutely sure of what he says? Does he persist after seeing their confusion or does he back off, pretending he was kidding when he wasn’t? What do you think will happen next?

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