Dialogue Prompt – You Should Be Dead

Some people just have bad aim. The people trying to kill the second character in this prompt seem to be among those. Most likely they did try multiple ways to kill them, but clearly none of them worked and you... Read more

Character Bank – 12 Year Old Serial Killer

Children are, with good reason, looked upon as innocent and harmless. For the most part they are exactly that, but not all children are like that. What happens when the innocents of a child gets corrupted and the child snaps?... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Is It Considered Murder?

I am unsure who the author of this prompt is other than presumably their name is Maddy and this is where I found the prompt in question. I am sorry to say I can’t find the other three (or more)... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – How They Survived

As a kid growing up in the beautiful state of California, I naturally learned California history in school. One of the most memorable stories I learned was the story of the Donner Party. It’s hard to say what of the... Read more