Character Bank – 12 Year Old Serial Killer

Children are, with good reason, looked upon as innocent and harmless. For the most part they are exactly that, but not all children are like that.

What happens when the innocents of a child gets corrupted and the child snaps? In some ways the same as does with anyone else only sooner in their lives. In other ways it’s not at all the same because their brains are still developing and it can have more permanent consequences.

Whichever is the case, most people have a hard time seeing a child as a killer unless they have no way out of that conclusion.

This character bank isn’t about a child serial killer though. It’s about the person who has made that step into the terrifying idea that a child can be a serial killer.

As a police officer this person has seen a lot of bad things. It is there job to get the killers off the streets and this person has come to believe that a child is not only a killer, but a serial killer with many kills under his or her belt.

Where did this idea come from? Are they right? How do they handle the lack of trust this is giving them from their co-workers? And how do they prove one way or another if this child is a killer?

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