Dialogue Prompt – Is It Considered Murder?

I am unsure who the author of this prompt is other than presumably their name is Maddy and this is where I found the prompt in question. I am sorry to say I can’t find the other three (or more) writing prompts by this person, because this one looks so interesting and I want more.

The first question that pops into my mind is to wonder if this conversation is philosophical or practical. Looks like we have three people speaking her. The first one brings up a question of pretty big moral implications. Did the speaker kill someone and say sorry afterward?

Though there are probably plenty who would argue otherwise, just killing someone doesn’t technically mean you murdered them. Is it murder if you are on a cliff and trip into someone on the edge who then falls to their death? You definitely killed them, but did you murder them?

But that’s not the question that the first speaker asked. It wasn’t a matter of killing someone and then saying sorry. It was a matter of murdering someone, where it is definitely murder, whatever the situation maybe, and then saying sorry. Does that make it not murder?

The second person’s response is so odd to me. Why does getting caught or not change whether saying sorry changes if it’s murder or not? Where is the logic in that?

And yet that’s exactly what the second person is saying.

I have this image that these three people are either teenagers playing around with really big subjects or assassins. Somehow I just can’t see anything in between. There is no seriousness on the part of either of the first two speakers.

As for the third speaker, they don’t ask the other two not to discuss this or tell them not to joke about something so serious. They just don’t want to have this discussion over breakfast. That tells me this is probably not a conversation they are all that surprised to hear and potentially even one they have heard before. Is it because they all share a sense of humor that makes joking about this make sense? Is it because the third person is just done with hearing this discussed, but would like to at least not hear it at breakfast?

Such curious characters. What kind of connection do you think they have? And what brought up the topic?

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