Character Bank – Affectionate Werewolf

Werewolves are known for their veracious hunger. They are often thought of as violent and unable to control themselves in wolf form. But who are they outside of being werewolves. Do their personalities change just because they become werewolves and what if they were born that way.

Many stories have werewolf communities. It could be argued that these are not werewolves, but instead some sort of shapeshifters. Either way this character is listed as a werewolf, so what does that tell us about him and does he live in a community or is a lone werewolf?

Was he turned or born that way? He appears to be fairly average in looks other than being muscular. If his human body and his wolf body affect each other, this may be connected to his time spent as a werewolf or he may spend a lot of time in physical activities.

It says he gets lost easily and is affectionate, which is pretty cute. Is this how he acts all the time or only in human form or only in wolf form? What is his story and how would you use him in something you are writing?

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