Character Bank – Hook for a Hand

I can’t imagine it is easy getting use to have a hook in place of a hand. These days we have some pretty realistic prosthetics, but even then it probably isn’t the easiest thing to get used to using them. I’m sure more than one person reached up their hand after getting a hook for a hand and scratched their face.

I remember reading something somewhere about how annoying it is to have people with scars that make them look even better looking. Scars can be dashing, I guess, but usually they are blemishes, a thing that mars the appearance rather than improves it. Thanks to that I wanted to make it perfectly clear, this is not a pretty scar. It is ugly and it does mar his appearance. Is he otherwise handsome? I guess that’s up to you.

Now, just because he got the scar shortly after he got the hook it doesn’t technically mean the scar is from the hook. That is heavily implied, but it doesn’t have to be the actual reason behind the scar. In fact it might be fun to mess with people’s expectations and make the scar from something completely unrelated or maybe the scar came from a different hook when he was look at possibly switching.

Just don’t pull a trick on your audience were you build up the scar to be this big thing and then it turns out, “Na, it’s just a scar from a cat scratch.”

Full shade to a movie I’ve never seen and probably won’t see for a great many years, although I probably will see it eventually. A certain member of my family who has seen it absolutely loves it.

Sorry I just thought that was hilarious. If you do make the scar from a cat (or a similarly seemingly benign method), make sure it makes sense. And since I haven’t actually seen the above movie, I can’t actually say it didn’t make sense, because what doesn’t make sense to one person might very much make sense to another.

What story would you go with for how he got the scar? Depending on the character and the story I might go with the idea that he gave it to himself on accident or I might go with someone else, potentially the person that is responsible for him losing his hand in the first place, using the hook to cut his face maybe while trying to finish the job.

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