Character Bank – Graveyard Trivia

There is something creepy to most people about graveyards. Maybe it’s the fact that six feet under the ground are dozens, even hundreds or rotting corpses, dead dreams, and lives that ended, sometimes long before anyone thought they should. Or maybe it’s the decay above the ground, plants that take over the gravestones, hiding any evidence of those people’s lives in the first place.

Either way, people do not like graveyards. They are the place of the dead, not the living and the idea that someone would spend a lot of time in one is kind of foreign to most people. There are certainly reasons to go there, mourning a loved one, learning more about your past, research of various types, but what makes someone want to hang out in a graveyard on a regular basis?

We don’t know much about the character here, but he is the sort who likes graveyards. It doesn’t say he sticks to one in particular, just that he hangs out in them in general. When he is there, what does he do? Is he looking for something? Does he just like the atmosphere?

It says he always has some trivia to share. Is it all on the same general topic or are there a lot of topics he knows about? Does he learn about the people buried in the graveyards he visits? Did he know some of them at some point in the past?

What kind of story do you see this man being in? Would he fit in something you are working on?

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