Character Bank – Dark Gray Creatures

Rather than an individual character, this character bank prompt is about a race that is designed to be used in either science fiction or fantasy. They appear to be humanoid based off the description and probably are meant to be considered human like rather than animal like.

It is interesting to note that they are described as only have one skin color. Whether this is their race as a whole or the specific group of this race that is like this is left up to you. They are on the taller side and since they are described as being “a little taller than humans on average” this may mean that they are similar in height to the tallest among humans or it may may mean that they are a little taller even than those. Their stocky build is likely to help them survive in the cold climates they generally come from.

Although often peaceful the often in that statement probably means that some can be less than peaceful or perhaps that all of them are at times not peaceful, just that these none peaceful times are rare. Whichever it is, why is this? Do they have similar likes and dislikes and thus have nothing to disagree on or does this extend to how they interact with those outside of their group. How far do they go in trying to be peaceful? Are they willing to accept abuse so as not to rock the boat or do they consider a quick smack on the back of the neck to knock out combatants to be peaceful because it stops fighting?

While the prompt says that they had wolf like facial features, it doesn’t say if they have fur or if these wolf like facial features are on a hairless or at least furless face. Since they come from cold climates, fur could be something they have to help keep them warm along with the stocky build. They also could have other features that help them survive in the cold climate they come from.

Do the stripes on their body serve any notable purpose? Are they there at birth or are they something that is added as a culture at a certain age similar to a tattoo? How do they interact with those outside of their race other than the often peaceful statement? What kinds of things are they good at that others might not be? How are those who are different treated?

They are certainly a different sort in looks, though I am reminded of Anubis from ancient Egyptian mythology when I hear at least part of the description. Although Anubis has the head of a canine while this race is only described as having the facial features of a wolf, it might be a place to look for inspiration into how they look. What do you think of when you hear this description?

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