Character Bank – Vicar Demon Hunter

I have seen criticism about how some supernatural shows handle things like holy water and salt rings and whatever else is used to hunt the villains of the show. There are all sorts of creative ways that people think would have worked better than whatever the person in the story was doing. Some of them make more sense than others, hula hoops with salt, super soakers with holy water, stuff like that.

There is of course the question of whether those would work or not, but it would certainly make for a different tone to these shows because how can you feel tension when the main character is pulling out a super soaker? It’s not impossible, but it is tough to do.

This idea is not one that I have seen before and I find it quite interesting.

What happens if you don’t have to go find someone to bless holy water? Does that make it easier to acquire your targets or does it put a bigger target on your back. It seems like it is a very interesting story that lead a vicar to this place. This person has to have lead an interesting life before he got into the demon killing business. He has sniping skills and he is a vicar.

Did he know what he wanted to do with his life as a child or did something change his course producing this background? And what lead to this new career path?

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