Writing Prompt – Family Business Slaughter

This writing prompt is based off a story line I am planning for a series I am working on. One of the main characters works for his family’s business as a chef. One evening near close the restaurant is attacked by enemies of his family bringing down employees and customers alike.

Although there are casualties on both sides, ultimately they manage to fend off the attackers, but while they are trying to recover and help the injured, someone else comes, someone with a different intent against them. By the time the brother of said character arrives having received an SOS from his brother, it appears that all but one of them are dead, including his brother, but the survivor insists that isn’t the case.

So what did happen after that? I won’t go into it since it’s not relevant to the post, but it’s a question worth asking if you want to use this post. How can it looks like everyone is dead when that simply isn’t the case?

In this story, the family had made a lot of enemies and one of those enemies had the ability to manipulate reality. They saw the attack on the family business as an opportunity to strike a blow against their enemies and made it appear that everyone there had died. The one who was seen to have survived had an immunity to this kind of power and remembered what had really happened.

This enemy couldn’t kill them outright though, so as a result they weren’t dead, but if they weren’t found and rescued in time, they would die. Obviously there are other ways to handle this. How would you handle a situation like this where it looked like a hopeless situation, but you find out it might not be so hopeless if you can react fast enough?

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