Writing Prompt – Country to the North

It is always preferable to be at peace with your neighbors at least for most people. In this prompt I consider the idea of a broken relationship between two neighboring countries formerly at peace. There are many countries all over the world that don’t get along with other countries. Some are at war with each other. Others just trade snippy comments on the internet.

In this prompt the two countries in question have been on good terms for long enough that they consider it always. Maybe it has been since the inception of the younger country. Maybe it’s just as long as history has record of. Either way, they have been on good terms and now they aren’t.

When that happens you are left wondering, what happened?

There is usually more to any story than is outwardly apparent and two countries suddenly breaking a long standing good relationship usually has more of a story than is openly reported and may well have a much longer history than anyone thinks.

Did everything really break down the year before or is that just what the character sees from a limited view? If it did all break down only a year prior, what happened? Was it something huge or was it the latest in a series of events that were small on their own, but ultimately were too much?

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