Family Traditions

Every family has their traditions and with Christmas coming tomorrow I would like to tell you about one of ours. My family comes from German ancestry and according to my mom that is where this tradition originate from, though I... Read more

Character Bank – Tall Mermaid

I have to admit that one thing I never considered about mermaids was whether or not they were tall, so the idea of a tall mermaid has me, as a relatively tall woman, curious. Beyond the fact that I’m pretty... Read more

Character Bank – Faerie Name

There are few things more important to the fae than names. They try to steal other people’s names, but what about their own names? What happens when a faerie cannot remember his own name? What kind of difficulties will it... Read more

Character Bank – 12 Year Old Serial Killer

Children are, with good reason, looked upon as innocent and harmless. For the most part they are exactly that, but not all children are like that. What happens when the innocents of a child gets corrupted and the child snaps?... Read more

Character Bank – Curious Sprite

This character is one of those people you probably either love or hate. With a curious nature that likely gets him in trouble and a happy demeanor that probably gets on the nerves of less excited acquaintances, he probably is... Read more

Character Bank – Vicar Demon Hunter

I have seen criticism about how some supernatural shows handle things like holy water and salt rings and whatever else is used to hunt the villains of the show. There are all sorts of creative ways that people think would... Read more

Character Bank – Affectionate Werewolf

Werewolves are known for their veracious hunger. They are often thought of as violent and unable to control themselves in wolf form. But who are they outside of being werewolves. Do their personalities change just because they become werewolves and... Read more

Writing Prompt – Difference of Opinion

Tensions are rising. People no longer believe that the opposition is entitled to their own opinion and that what the opposition believes is hateful and evil. Hundreds of thousands of people are ready to fight, ready to kill over words.... Read more

Character Bank – Vampire Sun

For the most part vampires have to stay out of the sun. There are some stories where they can walk in the sun with various consequences, some minor, some extreme. But what if a vampire who lived in a world... Read more

Character Bank – Graveyard Trivia

There is something creepy to most people about graveyards. Maybe it’s the fact that six feet under the ground are dozens, even hundreds or rotting corpses, dead dreams, and lives that ended, sometimes long before anyone thought they should. Or... Read more