Character Bank – Curious Sprite

This character is one of those people you probably either love or hate. With a curious nature that likely gets him in trouble and a happy demeanor that probably gets on the nerves of less excited acquaintances, he probably is hard to miss.

Add to that his violet hair and oh did I mention he’s a sprite? Most likely he’s got a lot of people that take notice of him. Well, at least the people that notice sprites at all.

I’m not sure of the general size of sprites, but I think they are small, so whether humans notice him at all depends on the society they live in. If they do, it is likely that he sticks out from the other sprites. And if all of that isn’t enough then, at the very least he carries with him a longbow.

Trying to imagine a longbow that fits a sprite makes me smile and even more so when I imagine what kind of distance that thing probably gets. Maybe he has some special ability to increase the distance. And what does he use it for? Is it a weapon for safety? Does he go hunting with it?

What kind of story do you see this character in? Is he in a high fantasy story with low tech and tons of fantasy characters or an urban fantasy story taking place in the big city? And how do these choices change who he is outside of the description above?

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