Writing Prompt – Difference of Opinion

Tensions are rising. People no longer believe that the opposition is entitled to their own opinion and that what the opposition believes is hateful and evil. Hundreds of thousands of people are ready to fight, ready to kill over words. There is no world where this is either peaceful or polite.

In this prompt we have a situation where one side is bullying the other, but instead of the jocks bullying the nerds it is the nerds bullying the jocks. The jocks are putting up with it, because they were always brought up that it’s not okay to use your strength to hurt those who are weaker than you.

There is only so much they can take though. The nerds are convinced they have the power and maybe they do, but if the jocks decide that it no longer worth it to ignore what the nerds are doing and they are ready to fight back. Which side will have the power then?

Let’s be clear, I am much more of a nerd or a geek than I am a jock. I’ve played sports, but I am bad at them. I am a book worm and I enjoy learning. This is not in any way saying jocks good, nerds bad. Nor is it saying the opposite. It is simply using the inherit physical abilities of jocks as an example to explain the prompt.

This prompt is, in essential, about what is stronger, brains or brawn. And what happens when one side has both? Or both sides have both? Who wins then? Does anyone win then? Is anyone right?

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