Dialogue Prompt – Sarcasm

This prompt from The Fake Redhead is a definitely one that fits under the betrayal or trust category I mentioned previously. As the first person says, it’s hard to know if this is sarcasm or not. It’s only one word, but depending on how it’s said it can convey many things.

Since the first character says they don’t know if it’s sarcasm or not, I would assume there is no eye rolling and that the word was probably said pretty straight. I also get the idea that there probably is a long history between these two. They aren’t necessarily close, but I do think they’ve known each other for quite some time.

The second person likely is known to be a sarcastic person, but not someone who is joking all the time. Given the first question and the last statement, it seems likely that are in some sort of dangerous situation. If it was just the first statement, I could come up with the idea that it wasn’t actually dangerous, but instead was something that the first person found annoying, like a sports game where they are not good at sports or a tea party for someone uninterested in tea.

I suppose it could still be like that, but it seems likely based off the rest that it probably isn’t. That’s both the fun part and dangerous part about hearing only part of a conversation. It could mean so much more than you think it does or so much less.

Beyond the potential story behind this dialogue, I also like the potential characters behind it. They seem like interesting sorts that would be fun to write. Do you think you would enjoy writing these characters?

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