Dialogue Prompt – Pickles Taste

I don’t know what you think of pickles, but outside of my tuna fish sandwiches, which apparently have pickle relish in them, I don’t want pickles in my food. I don’t like them pickled and I’d rather avoid them in their raw form as cucumbers as well. After all these years, I kind of don’t see that changing either and I’m okay with that. They aren’t so bad that I can’t eat them if I absolutely have to and like I said, I do like tuna fish sandwiches made with pickle relish.

They are kind of interesting looking. I’ll give them that much. That doesn’t mean I can understand anyone invading Earth just to taste pickles though. And how do you even get to the invading part instead of just asking if all you want is to try something to eat?

As a result, that’s the most interesting part of this prompt. What was so urgent about tasting pickles that they couldn’t just ask? Did they need all the pickles in the world? Did pickles become extremely scarce or become a staple of every meal so that for some reason they were certain they would be refused?

Do they plan to leave once they have their pickles?

Based off the incredulousness I hear dripping off the question in the prompt, my guess is pickles are no more and no less than they are these days. Some people like them. Some people don’t. They aren’t the most common thing on earth, but neither are they at all scarce. There hasn’t been any sort of cucumber apocalypse. Cucumbers, and by extension pickles, are just as there as ever.

Hard to say if people on earth have ever seen an alien before the pickle invasion, so it’s a very real possibility that to humans, their first meeting of aliens is filled with the idea that they are pickle obsessed. Sounds pretty crazy, but hey they say the truth is stranger than fiction, so maybe if you use this prompt you can lean into that idea.

Do you think all the aliens are obsessed with pickles? Or is this just one alien general or something like that who just got his hands on some stray broadcast from earth and it was a pickle commercial? Where do you think this is coming from.

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